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Phantom Burning Smell

I have a weird symptom that occurs periodically: I keep smelling something burning, like trash, or wood…cigarette smoke…it is the strangest thing. It always occurs at night, when I am about to go to sleep, or otherwise if I wake up at night and it was driving me crazy. A quick Google search of the “problem” revealed I was not alone. Long conversation threads indicate that this is far more common that I had thought, and it made me feel as if I am not the only crazy person on the planet.

Many people who were talking about the problem in the forums online indicate that consulting medical professionals has not helped: they are told they may have a brain tumor or a sinus infection. MRI’s seem to reveal nothing, according to what I read. Some people found relief after using a neti pot.    Image result for nose bad smell

Being a bit of a sleuth ( and that is why I love homeopathy), I realized that the “smell” occurred on nights when it was very cold and in summer when the a/c was running. It had nothing to do with the heat pumps or cooling system, but it had a lot to do with the lack of humidity. Putting my head under the covers when I was in bed helped, and so did putting a tiny drop of Olbas oil at the base of my nostrils. I also found that putting a tiny bit of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) inside my nose helped a lot.

However these were palliative measures. I wanted something that would cure the problem, so I consulted my Materia Medica, which I should have done in the first place. But hey, there is no cure for laziness!

There are several homeopathic remedies listed under Nose, ODORS: imaginary and real. Under -smoke, I found bar-c, cor-r, Sulf and Verat.

I tried the Sulfur  in a 30 X potency, took one dose for two days and then forgot about it. It has been three weeks and the problem has not recurred, even though we had a really cold spell this past week.

It is a huge relief! This is an inexpensive way to cure the problem, but as always, the caveat is: consult your doctor, I am not prescribing or practicing medicine. The information here is merely anecdotal.



This information is not meant to cure, treat or prescribe. Please consult your medical doctor or professional homeopath to rule out any of the associated underlying medical problems which may be causing this odor


Image: http://gadling.com/2009/07/28/whats-that-bad-smell-travel-impressions-through-the-nose/



Schroyens, Dr. Frederick (Ed.). Synthesis. Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum. New Delhi. 1998




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