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Hot Flashes? Douse that fire!


Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler

Menopause can be an uncomfortable time for women as their hormone levels begin to fluctuate, very often causing sudden surges of heat up into the neck and reddening the face. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Many women report a feeling of dread or anxiety prior to the flash occurring which may feel like the heart is fluttering. Another common occurrence is lying down to sleep, falling asleep for a few minutes and then being suddenly wide awake. This is often followed by another “power surge”.


If you have consulted your physician and are still experiencing these symptoms, you may safely try some Cell Salts which are prepared in the same way as homeopathic remedies. They are known as Dr. Schuessler’s Cell  or Tissue salts, and there are 12 of them. They are safe to use, and inexpensive and have no side-effects. They will not interfere with your medications.

The suggested combination is:

#4  Ferrum Phos

#9 Nat.Mur

#10 Nat Phos



  • Ferrum Phos will not only help with the hot flashes, but also night sweats,  insomnia, vertigo, and water retention. It will alleviate stiff muscles and joint pains as well.
  • Nat. Mur will help with headaches, irritability, and excessive tearfulness (mood swings)  vaginal dryness and will boost the libido.
  • Nat. Phos alleviates dizziness, insomnia, tension and anxiety, and night sweats. This tissue salt is also useful to those who tend to lack bladder control when sneezing when used in combination with the other remedies


Dosage: In severe cases, taking two tablets of each tissue salt three to four times a day is sufficient, taper off the dosage to twice a day as symptoms improve. Taken sublingually (under the tongue) the tablets dissolve quickly and cause not harmful side-effects.

Other homeopathic remedies that are useful are Cimicifuga Racemosa and Sepia. Consult your homeopath to determine which one would suit your physical and emotional symptoms best.



hot flashes




Disclaimer: This information is not to diagnose or treat or prescribe. If you are suffering from menopause symptoms please consult your physician or homeopath.


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