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The Body, Our Vehicle

Current medical wisdom treats the body as if it were a robot, which follows a mechanistic, material view of health and wellness that fails to take into account much of the more modern view taken by not only holistic practitioners but also, increasingly fringe scientists who take a more complex view of the reality of man.

When are “health” practitioners going to get it? That everything is part of the whole: the body, emotions, intellect, thoughts…all these things are important, not just the physical symptoms.

In homeopathy we understand that indefinable things such as sensations, thoughts (recurring thoughts and beliefs about ourselves), strange behaviors, all these form a picture of the individual. In this picture we attempt to find the source of the dis-ease. Symptoms are merely  symptoms of a deeper disturbance. Physical symptoms are not the disease. They are a sign that something else is going on, often unseen within the body or in the mind, or the emotions.

Homeopaths are skilled at unraveling the mystery or story of the individual. They want the whole picture, every detail, every sensation, every strange behavior, every strange pain or physical symptom. Homeopaths do not diagnose disease, but look further, deeper and then study the information to arrive at a remedy that best mirrors the information that has been supplied.

Even mechanical problems such as broken bones can benefit from homeopathy. Of course I do not advocate that a broken limb should not been seen by an allopathic doctor. Of course the bone should be set by an expert. But there is a remedy that can speed up the healing. It works so well and so fast that we are cautioned that we should ensure the bone has been set properly for it will mend so fast that a poorly set one may end up being crooked. (Symphytum Officinale is such a remedy, but please, be cautioned, do not use it unless the bone has been set by a professional medical doctor!)

Our bodies are extensions of ourselves, the solid, flesh and bone reality that we dwell in. Every cell has memory and consciousness; every thought and emotion we have affects every part of this body.

Treat it well, but above all, be aware of how you can damage your vehicle. Treat it kindly, monitor your thoughts and emotions. Meditate. There is a greater, different reality that exists beyond what we see. It is an interconnected web of Love, The Universe, God – whatever you wish to call it, but it exists and has been experienced by many, especially those who have had Near Death Experiences.

We are not just flesh and bone.

Treat yourself well, and treat others as well as you would like to be.




Symphytum Officinale is prepared from Comfrey


For more information about this remedy, please see:




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