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Educate Yourself!

There are many misconceptions about homeopathy, the greatest one being the belief that one has to keep taking the remedy until the bottle is empty. Homeopathy operates on the dictum: “Less is more“.

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Bellis Perennis, a remedy for certain types of injury, it works well on the muscle fibers. Lame, sprained feeling. Excellent for those who have ill effects from drinking or bathing in very cold water.

  • Do NOT continue taking all the medication once you have noticed an improvement! You will exacerbate the problem if you do this. Take only until there is improvement. The body will heal itself!

The second biggest problem is not matching the remedy to your symptoms.

  • Homeopathy is EXTREMELY specific, it is not a blanket one-remedy-treats all. How does the injury feel? What is the pain like? What color is your tongue and your phlegm, your urine, your feces? Don’t go “eeuw”, it’s your body, know it, honor it and heal it. Notice changes after taking a remedy and adjust it accordingly!

Arnica is most often the first homeopathic remedy a person will try and then complains if it isn’t working.

  • Arnica is NOT a cure all! It works for a specific set of injuries and problems, and if it isn’t working, you are taking the wrong remedy for your problem, or you are taking too much! People become disenchanted with homeopathy as a result and then believe it doesn’t work.

The misconception that after everything has been tried, try homeopathy as a last resort.

  • Don’t expect miracles if you have a chronic disease and have been on multiple rounds of allopathic prescriptions. It takes time to heal the layers of dis-ease, it is not an overnight cure-all.

Taking the wrong remedy will not magically heal you. If you are not seeing results, go and see a homeopath who has been trained to help you. The majority of them have been thoroughly educated and have tremendous skills in finding the correct remedy for your ailment. Don’t go to a medical doctor who prescribes homeopathy unless he/she has been properly trained by a reputable Homeopathy college.


There are plenty of good websites with information, as well as books by reputable homeopaths. My first handbook was one by Miranda Castro. I studied it, and yes, it was difficult to get to grips with looking up the mental and emotional symptoms, as well as the physical ones, but once you realize that the body does not work in isolation of other parts or the mental/emotional aspects of our being, it becomes easier to come to grips with.

  • Learn which potencies are best suited to your particular needs. Anything below a 200C is safe and gentle, but a 200C is for acute physical situations and certain remedies, such as Hepar Sulf work well as long as you don’t overuse it.
  • The 1 and 10 M’s are for deep seated chronic issues that take time to heal. There are even higher dilutions than that, but you need to consult a homeopath in order to use those.

Stop being lazy. If you want to get better, do something about it. Stop “OWNING” YOUR DISEASE! You are not your disease! And take note of how your emotional state affects your health!

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Laughter is the best medicine!

No one can work miracles except yourself. It’s your choice, your life and your responsibility! Educate yourself, there are many, many sites and videos on the internet.

Live long and prosper!

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Yondercott House, the venue for the Homeopathy School in Devon, UK now under directorship of Mani Norland, son of founder, Misha Norland.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to prescribe, heal or cure. Please consult a medical doctor or trained homeopath if you are ill.


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