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Self-treatment for benign Breast Lumps

A note of caution: this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. The information is anecdotal and based on the author’s experience alone.

Breast lumps are not uncommon and they are usually tender, in my case it felt like a muscular pain. I detected the lump while showering and decided to take remedy I have used to great effect a few years previously for the same problem.

Allium Sativa is an amazing remedy for this problem. I took two doses and the lump and the tenderness had disappeared within three days. Allium Sativa is the Latin name for garlic. It is an amazing remedy! 

Fresh garlic is good for you as you well know. Eat it with plenty of parsley. The chlorophyll neutralizes the odor, so you won’t offend anyone!

Please consult your physician if you have a problem. Do not rely on this information alone to self treat.


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