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Etheric Lap Band Surgery

If you thought homeopathy is quackery (which I don’t, but you have my sympathies) the following is going to have you throw up your hands in the air and exclaim, “What next?”. If you have never had the wonderful opportunity to experience Reiki healing or Touch for Health Kinesiology, then this next blog is not for you.

Regular lap band surgery is a procedure that is occurring more and more frequently as a cure for diabetes, high blood pressure and the attendant risk factors that are associated with being overweight. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to lose weight, especially after the age of 55. It feels as if you are caught in a cage of unyielding flesh that becomes more and more difficult to move. Five ladies that I am acquainted with have now had the regular surgery. It involves months of counselling, classes on diet and nutrition and then the recovery period where they cannot eat much (hello, DIET!!!). The pro’s are of course skinnier, healthier bodies…unless of course you prefer to consume your calories in er, um, liquid form… which must be a huge temptation if you enjoy your adult beverages.

Regular Lap Band Surgery

I have heard of people (Chris Christie, for one) who initially lose weight and then begin to overeat again, gaining back all their losses. The problem is that the imbalance in the body has not been corrected. I believe there is far more to losing and keeping off the weight than the medical establishment is ready to admit to.

As far as I can remember, I never felt full. It is as if there was a disconnect between my body and my brain. I could eat any many man under the table. I have a huge appetite that just never feels that it is getting enough. An obsession with food has been my shadow for many years, always buying and stocking up on food to ensure I would not go hungry. I don’t have a sweet tooth, my weight is entirely due to eating too much meat and fat. I even eschew pasta, bread and baked goods for the most part. One day, I decided that well, I was fat anyway, I may as well eat all the carbs I have been avoiding, and BOOM! I gained about another twenty pounds, seemingly overnight.

I lost 55 lbs four years ago, was exercising and felt really good, and then I kinda went off the rails and four years later all that weight was back again, plus five more. I tried various diets, but was unable to stick to any of them. They all work, if you follow them. The problems (and any overweight person knows this) you have to WANT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT. You have to get to that point where you finally own up to your corpulence. Don’t blame your genes, don’t blame your mother, blame yourself.

But, what to do? How was I going to really make this work for me?

I have a good friend who is amazing healer and heard that she was experimenting with spiritual surgery to try and see if people could lose weight by working on the auric layers of the body. It did not involve any physical stimulus, no touching whatsoever. I figured, well, I may as well try it. If it doesn’t work, that’s okay. There are no side effects, no pain and it takes only about an hour of lying on her bed with your eyes closed while she gets to work on you.

At first, I felt a great energy, and a willingness to make it work for me. At the back of my mind, I kept thinking, perhaps this is a placebo effect… I began to eat tiny meals, as she had advised, but nothing budged. I did lose two pounds and then my weight went up by about five during Christmas. Sure, I was eating tiny portions…of the wrong foods. I also challenged myself to eat bigger meals and I felt awful afterwards: a sensation of having eaten too much had suddenly happened! It was magical! For the first time in my life I experienced a sensation of having had enough to eat, even though it was nowhere near what i had been able to eat before.

I received some counselling from my friend but in spite of this, I needed structure: I need to write down what I eat and to follow a diet, so i joined Weight Watchers (for the umpteenth time). I have been losing steadily – nearly 10 lbs in a month -struggling to eat the recommended number of “points” allotted to me on a daily basis.

So you may be very skeptical at this point, saying well, it’s WW. My answer is: yes, and no. At other times when I was on WW I would obsessively try and eat as much of the “free foods” (veggies and fruit) as I could to fill me up. I would chew sugar free gum to take away the urge to chew. I was hungry all the time in spite of having plenty to eat.

Now I struggle to eat as much, I feel satiated very quickly, I am no longer obsessing about getting enough to eat. My plate is no longer heaped, I have finally managed to eat normal, regular portions.

I have a long way to go, but something in me has been healed; what it is and how it was done I cannot explain. My friend told me she worked on balancing my Leptin levels because they were “all out of whack”. I am so grateful to her. It has been painless, with no side effects whatsoever!

So all you science obsessed folks, don’t knock this. I know you will but it’s my loss…and it’s working for me!

Energy Healing works on the Spiritual body


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