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Sore Throats

Sore throats can occur during any season of the year, and frequently herald the start of a cold, or in other cases, tonsillitis or strep throat, which is a particularly nasty strain of bacterial infection that can spread quickly through a classroom of students.

Difference between a bacterial and viral sore throat. (Image: lymeinside.wordpress.com)

The following steps can be taken to alleviate the problem, but please consult a medical doctor if the sore throat persists beyond three days or sooner, especially if you have a small child. These few self-help strategies may be applied if your child is old enough to clearly articulate how painful the throat is. Take a peek inside the oral cavity to assess how red the throat is, and if the tonsils are swollen you can give the child a dose of Phytolacca, a remedy I have found useful for my son who often suffered from painful sore throats. Then take the child to the doctor!

Phytolacca Decandra has emotional/mind symptoms of wanting to bite, refusing to eat, irritability, unbearable pain and chilliness. The throat itself would feel dry and the tonsils swollen. The uvula is enlarged and swollen, the soft palate, likewise will be swollen and may have thick white mucus about the fauces, see image below:

Puss in the Fauces (Image: http://www.mucusfreelife.com)

There is a sensation of a lump in the throat, and the patient will have shooting pains into the ears with every attempt to swallow.

Belladonna is a tried and tested remedy for sore throats especially if they are accompanied by anger, fright, a desire to bite in children, especially during delirium. It may be accompanied by a headache and an over-sensitivity to noise and light. The patient is very restless and they may weepy and angry.

The throat will be very red, and may have a glazed appearance, the eyes are red and the ears will be very painful. The patient may have a sensation as if there is a plug in the throat and he will be unable to even drink liquids. A complete loss of appetite is not surprising, but there is an increased thirst which may not be alleviated due to the painfully sore throat. (Liquids may pass out through the nose instead of being swallowed.)

The throat. (Image: http://www.gutenberg.org)

Aconite Napellus is the remedy of choice after a patient has been exposed to a cold North wind (or South wind, in the Southern Hemisphere). The sore throat comes on suddenly and will persist if it is not treated promptly. The main mental characteristic of this remedy is a fear of death. The throat will burn and there may be an accompanying pain in the back of the neck and behind the jaws. The parotid glands may be swollen.

Red hot throat, as if there is a coal in it, try Aconite! (Image b-lee.deviantart.com)

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is often regarded as the “antibiotic” of homeopathy. It is a remedy that has the sensation of a fish bone or a splinter stuck in the throat. It is also characterized by great anger or vehemence. There is a great sensitivity to dry cold air, even more so than Aconite. The pain of the sore throat extends into the ears. Hepar Sulph is a remedy to use after Aconite. I recommend it in a 200 C potency and if the patient is not better after three doses, consult a doctor.

I have great faith in Olbas Oil, a eucalyptus based embrocation that I apply externally to the throat at night. I have found it really stops that sore throat in its tracks, especially if I have been outside and gotten chilled because of an icy wind blowing.

Another strategy would be to massage around the base of the big toe of both feet as well as the ears on the outside of the feet. It may be painful but persevere. You can even apply some Olbas to the area while massaging. Consult the chart below:

Foot reflexology chart. (Image: http://www.landramps.com)

Disclaimer: This is article is meant for self-help and is not meant to cure, heal or prescribe. Please consult a doctor if you feel sick.


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