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Drosera Rotundifolia, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This article is mostly a visual tool to remember the remedy by.

Known commonly as the Sundew plant, this carnivorous species lives in bogs and marshes. Wet conditions suit is best, it likes to be waterlogged. Think of this picture, all the water, and the lungs filling up with mucus. You get the picture?

(Image from :http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/14/science/14obpeat.html?_r=0)



Since they tend to grow in areas where the soil is poor, they have to supplement their mineral intake by ingesting insects. It is found in Northern Europe, Siberia, Korea, Japan, the United States and New Guinea.


Image from http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/rotundifolia_charles_darwin.html


The homeopathic doctrine of signatures makes this remedy easy to remember when faced with a situation of a cough with very sticky mucus. It is a prime remedy for whooping cough, and the cough that comes on after a bout of measles.

The taste in the mouth is sweet, almost putrid, and the mucus, which is expelled with great difficulty is sticky, and yellow or green. Think of the plant, with its delicate little tentacles like tiny alveoli in the lungs, holding onto that sticky mucus, trapping it in the lungs and releasing it with great difficulty.


(Image from: www.medillsb.com)


Yes, keep this picture in mind when you have that cough that makes you want to vomit the mucus because you are unable to swallow it. The cough is a difficult, choking experience. The face will be red, the eyes bloodshot, the head bathed in perspiration.

Sore throat, red face, headache, hoarseness, becoming overheated and fetid perspiration, that is very much a Drosera picture. The throat is so painful, the patient cannot swallow, so there may be rapid emaciation. In children this can be a very dangerous situation, especially if they are too young to verbalize “what hurts”. Please consult a doctor immediately if your child displays difficulty breathing. 

A potency of 30C  one dose every hour for four hours followed by a dose every four hours. In really acute situations, 200C is suggested, twice a day for three days.

For a more detailed Materia Medica of this remedy, see http://www.homeoint.org/books/boericmm/d/dros.htm



Please note that this information is not intended to cure, diagnose or heal, it is merely informational. If you are sick please consult a doctor.









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