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Allium Sativum, Garlic as a Remedy

The healing properties of garlic have been known for millenia. We add it to our food to enhance the flavor, and if we believe in vampires we supposed to hang a bunch of it around our necks to ward off evil.

Jokes are made about garlic breath, and I once heard it said that the first breath an Indian baby exhales, smells of garlic. Good stuff, I am a BIG fan of the bulbous little roots. I add it to food and chop it up to add to salads and veggies.

To obtain the best results from garlic from a medicinal point of view is to crush it or chop it very finely. When it is crushed, it releases alliin and this reacts with the enzyme alliinase. Alliinase is a catalyst that transforms alliin into allicin also known as diallyl thiosulfinate.  The compound contains so called healing properties that are antibacterial and antifungal.

Garlic is reputed to lower cholesterol and in its homeopathic potentized form it has many other benefits.

The person who benefits most from Allium Sativum is usually overweight, likes to eat meat and has a great desire for butter. The tongue is often pale, furry or white. Emotionally they do not like to be alone and may become depressed, anxious and restless. They begin to worry about their health and may become hypochondriacal.

Observe the doctrine of signatures: the shape of the bulb, the lumpiness of it: yes, there you are, the likeness of a lumpy breast!

I recently experienced breast tenderness and discovered a small lump on the outside of my left breast. I had been doing some strenuous yard work, raking and picking up leaves and dragging branches around the yard to burn them. Both sides hurt, but only the left breast had a lump. I was not terribly concerned and decided not to rush off to the doctor. 

I remembered that I had been eating a lot of garlic in the previous two weeks, almost craving the potent flavor. I realized my body had been trying to tell me that I needed to pay attention to it, but as usual, I had been too busy doing other things!

I took a 30C potency dose that evening, and another dose the following day and that was it. By the third day the size of the lump had diminished, and by the fourth day it was pretty much gone. I will continue to monitor it and perhaps take another, stronger dose if it returns.

Homeopathy is not quackery: there is more and more evidence that herbs, vegetables and other things we ingest vibrate to a certain level, measurable in Herz. A healthy body vibrates in the 62 to 68 MHz. When disease or infection occurs, the rate of vibration decreases. Hahnemann was way before his time. He believed that we have to choose the remedy that best resonates with the symptoms of the person and if he had been able to measure they frequencies e would not be having this debate over whether or not homeopathy works or not. 

Be healthy, stay safe!


Disclaimer: Please be advised that I am not a medical doctor and that this has been anecdotal information and not at all scientific. If you have breast lumps please schedule a check up with your doctor.


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