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Chicken and Egg Situation

I have noticed, over the years, that when I crave chocolate and sugary sweet things -something I don’t usually indulge in for I don’t have a sweet tooth – my body is trying to tell me something. We have all heard the saying that “your body knows what it needs”, but I doubt this somehow. 

Was my body’s immune system already compromised? Did the chocolate make it worse? Was it trying to make it better? Which came first?

I had been exposed to very cold air which tends to bring on colds in my experience. I usually take Aconite which helps tremendously, usually stopping an oncoming cold right in its tracks.

However, I had been taking the wrong remedy, for a few days prior to being exposed to the cold air, I had suffered a fall and a minor blow to the head. I should have taken Belladonna, a remedy for people who are usually full of vitality, and this fall occurred in cold, snowy, not dry air.

I craved bread and lots of butter, was thirsty for cold water, and wanted sour things, like very bitter unsugared juice…I found some cranberry juice, which was just horrible, but drank some of that. This should have alerted me that I was taking the wrong remedy! I needed Belladonna!

Belladonna is also a great remedy for those of you who go outside in the cold with wet hair, or get your heads wet in the rain and then become ill.

So, yes, my body was trying to tell me something, but I was too busy to listen. 

What do you crave when you get sick? I would love to hear your responses!


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