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Sulphur and the Itch

Sulphur is a substance which occurs naturally as a result of volcanic activity, and it also occurs as an essential chemical constituent in all living tissue. It has been used for at least 2 000 years to treat skin disorders. It occurs in nature as a crystalline solid from which the remedy is prepared. When sulphur is left on the skin it causes redness and itching, and it is one of the great polycrest remedies in homeopathy, able to cure on a very deep level a number of symptoms.

Sulphur is one of the most important remedies for

  • boils
  • extreme itching
  • itching that is relieved by scratching and then causes a burning sensation
  • dry, rough, scaly skin
  • skin disposed to breaking out and not healing
  • pustular eruptions

It is useful in all types of burning sensations, in the lips, tongue, nostrils, anus, throat, fingers and palms; the knees and feet (especially at night). A characteristic sensation is the feeling of a band around the head, and pressure in the vertex, as if the brain would burst.

It causes redness in all affected areas, such as the eyes, borders of the eyelids, ears, nose (nosebleeds ) and is a great remedy for herpes, hives and if the mental symptoms agree and the patient fits the picture, eczema.

Sulphur is a remedy which causes the body to “throw out”  all illness to the surface, mainly the skin of the body.

 Grandgeorge writes that Sulphur touches the depths of the ego, and helps the individual to open up to the external. These individuals are characteristically self-centered, impatient, irritable and very critical. They are academics who have lots of ideas but cannot put them into practice themselves, but will have theories on how to do it better. They are untidy, and may look unwashed, they are also lazy, preferring to lean on something when the are standing. They would prefer not to work if they can help it. This does not come from a feeling of debility or a weakness, but rather from an innate drive to be as comfortable as possible.

They are extremely sensitive to odors which is contrary to their own unkempt and often dirty appearance, they will wear clothes that are not clean, and tend to dislike bathing. They often feel worse for bathing, and they hate cold, wet weather. (Think of the volcanic “fire” of sulphur, of course it would not like to be extinguished by water!!!)

The skin eruptions that are cured by Sulphur are often found to alternate with asthma, and it is not unusual to find that the suppression of the itch, such as eczema will later be internalized and become internalised, throwing off the symptoms of asthma. Modern day suppressions through conventional allopathic medicine has created a situation where this found more and more often.

There is so much that can be written about Sulphur and there are many excellent reference books detailing the hundreds of complaints and symptoms for which this remedy may be used. The psychological profile of the Sulphur individual is fascinating and if you are interested in finding a good detailed description of the type, consult Philip Bailey’s excellent book, Homeopathic Psychology: Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies.



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