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Winter Weather Remedies and Energy Medicine

The  colder weather often brings with it a multitude of sniffles, coughs and aches, the latter usually associated with flu. Our grandmothers used to caution us to bundle up if we were going outside in the cold weather, to mind that we didn’t catch a chill. Modern science has determined that cold weather has nothing to do with catching cold, they make a valid point that we are exposed to the viruses of others since we are more often cooped up in confined spaces, at work or at school in winter, hence the increase of flu and colds.


Although I cannot disagree with the scientists, from an energy perspective, our bodies have to maintain a homeostatic balance in order to remain healthy. If it is exposed to the cold without adequate protection, it has to work harder to keep warm and becomes more easily susceptible to viruses because the immune system is working harder. Our vibrations are lowered when this happens and then viruses that resonate with that energy level find an acceptable host to multiply in. We are constantly exposed to viruses and bacteria, and some may be present in our bodies before being exposed to the cold so we have to take care not to “activate” them!

My number one remedy to take at eh first sign that you may be off-kilter is Aconite. If you have been out skiing, or hiking and have been exposed to the cold north wind, and your throat feels a little scratchy, take this remedy as soon as you can to counteract the effects of exposure to the cold.

Another product I heartily endorse is Olbas Oil which I apply externally to my throat at night…be careful not to touch your eyes or any other sensitive parts for it can sting. This oil contains Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cajuput,Clove, Juniper and Wintergreen. Now please, all you homeopathic purists, don’t yell at me: I know that these substances are supposed to counteract the effect of the homeopathic remedy. In my experience it worked just fine! I sometimes apply the oils to the ball of my foot, for in Reflexology the the throat is represented by the base of the big toe, and the lungs are below the toes on the ball of the foot. This helps tremendously when you have a cough as well.

If you have been outside in the cold rain (although this works for summer rain too), and you have gotten your head wet, take Rhus Tox. This remedy is also useful to treat body aches and pains…I recently developed the first symptoms of a head cold after raking leaves in the rain and two days later I felt as if a truck had hit me. I took some Rhus Tox and headed the cold off very quickly!

Allium Cepa is a great remedy for the head cold accompanied by a runny nose, red watery eyes and sneezing. 




(Image from http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/mythbusters-database/sneezing-eyeballs-pop-out.htm)

When you do experience the beginning signs of flu, such as a loss of energy, listlessness and lethargy and all you want to do is lie in bed because you feel that your body simply cannot obey your commands, the the remedy of choice is Gelsemium. It is particularly effective for the person who feels they need support because they are too weak to do anything for themselves.

The other very well marketed remedy for flu is of course Oscillococcinum which will decrease the length of time of you illness if you take it after the flu has settled in. If you take it just at that moment that your body feels as if it is not “quite right”, then it may stop it in its tracks. It can also be taken prophylactically.

I am not a big advocate of Vitamin therapy and stopped taking Vitamin C after developing nausea after taking it for more than a week. I had the same experience after trying Vitamin D. The nausea persisted in spite of taking it with food. I would be curious to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience since Vit. D is currently being touted as a cure-all by doctors who are prescribing it to all and sundry.

Eat your fruits and vegetables, try and get some exercise and stay warm. Moderation in all things is key!


(Image from http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-fruits-vegetables-image11398027)


Have a happy, healthy winter!



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