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Homeopathic Relief for Bunions

Bunions are painful, hard growths that protrude from the lateral side of the foot below the big toe. In medical parlance, it is called a hallux abducto valgus deformity, which sounds painful!

A remedy that will relieve the pain is Calcarea Phosphoricum (Calc. Phos).





Let’s take a quick look at the remedy:

Mental/Emotional Picture

  • weak memory
  • mental strain
  • depression
  • cranky, bad-tempered
  • obstinate
  • grumpy

The picture is of someone who is generally not happy, and these feelings may have occurred over a long period of time and may have been suppressed. There is resentment that has built up often from feeling of exaggerated responsibility for everyone. Another reason is a deep rooted fear of stepping into the future and feeling that there is insufficient support, that you have denied your own truth by living someone else’s.

Bottom line is: Learn to take each day one step at a time, believe in yourself and live your truth!

Physical Picture

People who would do well in trying this remedy may have the following physical propensities:

  • large abdomen
  • flabbiness
  • tongue coated white
  • defective bone growth
  • cannot wake up in the morning

This remedy also has great value for those who have spinal curvature, and other bone deformities, as well as rheumatic joint pains.

These individuals are very sensitive to cold and drafts, especially  the cold east wind; when the snow is melting,  or rainy weather.


A good reflexologist will definitely help bring relief to your aching feet which may last a while, but learning to do it yourself will also be useful. Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil, Wintergreen or Fir to the oil if you wish.

I use castor oil, but olive or coconut oil will also do the trick.

Massage the big toe, all the way around the ball of the foot as well as the actual bunion. It feels good to work on all the toes to help with flexibility. Gently pull on the big toe and rotate it. Spend about ten minutes per foot. Do this on a daily basis and you will be amazed at the difference.

Happy Feet

Keep your feet comfortable by wearing good shoes. Flip flops and high heels are not kind to your feet and will cause more pain, so be sensible!


These self-help suggestions are not meant to diagnose or prescribe in any way or to suggest that you should follow the advice in this article. Please consult a medical doctor or podiatrist if you suffer from any form of discomfort or deformity in your feet. The information provided is intended to provide relief and not cure any medical condition you may have.






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