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The Divine Lightness of Being

To understand the reality of Being you have to understand that nothing is as it seems.


If you have ever looked at a 3d picture you have to change the way you look at it, a shift in focus is required to bring the “hidden” object or picture into view. Similarly when you go to see a 3D movie, you wear special glasses to alter your focus. This brings a different clarity to what you see, in this case, the movie. Everything you see was already there, it just was not visible with normal vision.


The reality we inhabit on this planet is similarly an illusion: much exists that we cannot see for our eyes are untrained and not focused on seeing everything that is really “out” there. Of course nothing different is out there, it’s all “in here”!


We have physical bodies and spirit or Light bodies that are visible in other dimensions. Similarly there are billions of other Beings that exist in the same matrix as we do, but know that this matrix is multidimensional and refracted in myriads of ways so that there are dimensions we cannot access because we are not yet able to.


Like a radio that can only access certain frequencies, we are only able to access certain layers of the other dimensions. As humans on this planet we are quite limited, or rather our access has been limited. Many of us are aware that we are multidimensional Beings of Light, but the knowledge has been hidden from us so that we grope about blindly, trying to understand who were are.


One thing that nearly all of us have in common is the belief in a Higher Being. Different cultures in different parts of the world have different names for the Supreme Being, whom I prefer to refer to as Source, an unknowable Force of Love that we are all connected to.


That force is in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, and in the light we see. It permeates our bodies, our very cells are permeated with the consciousness of this force. It exists in space, and in the spaces between space, it is the Everything. We are connected to this stream of conscious Love, it permeates who and what we are.


We can channel that energy, that Love and Light to bring about changes in the body, right down to the cellular level. Our focussed intention enables us to do this, with the permission of the person requiring the healing.



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