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Allium Sativa

I recently noticed a rather tender lump on the edge of my left breast, it has come and gone over the years but since I regularly advise clients to practice lymph drainage I thought I had better practice what I preach. Yes, there it was, small and quite painful to the touch.

In the past I had often developed cravings for tons of garlic in my food when I have needed the remedy, and this time was no exception!

I took two doses of Allium Sativa, one in the morning and one at bedtime and two days later the painful lump had disappeared.

But here is the surprise: I also had a bean sized lump on my wrist, a ganglion cyst that had enlarged slightly of late and had caused a bit of discomfort at times.


I ignore it for the most part, wishing it away…often wondering if I should resort to the old remedy of bashing it with a Bible! I lack the courage and belief that that particular way of dealing with it would work!

About four days after taking the remedy,  I noticed to my surprise that the lump had disappeared! My wrist is smooth again!

Nothing like killing two birds with well… two doses!

Hooray for Homeopathy!



Please consult a medical professional if you are ill or have breast lumps. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe.

Image of cyst:

Homeopathy First Aid Notes for Home Usage

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Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective manner of treating a variety of minor illnesses in children and adults. The advantage of homeopathic remedies is that it generally has no unpleasant and long-term side effects unless the remedy is taken too long or if it is taken when it is not needed. Homeopathy is generally not used prophylactically, however, there have been occasions when it was used as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of malaria, cholera, bubonic plague, chicken pox, diphtheria, German Measles, measles and mumps.

Homeopathic remedies are easy to take, and children usually have no problem with them as they taste like sugar. They generally have no side effects. It is not how much of the remedy that is taken that is the issue; it is how often it is taken. Patients are cautioned against taking a remedy over an extended period of time since taking a remedy too often may aggravate the condition it was originally intended to cure.

The general rule is: stop taking the remedy if you are feeling better, do not finish the whole bottle!

Strong coffee is usually an antidote to remedies.

A dose is usually two or three pills, tipped into the lid of the bottle or vial and then placed under the tongue. The pills should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth and never handled or touched directly. Remedies should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light, electrical equipment and strong odors.

Remedies should be taken twenty minutes before or after a meal, and then the patient should refrain from eating or drinking anything (except water) for twenty minutes afterwards. Do not brush your teeth immediately after taking a remedy, and avoid using substances such as camphor, menthol, peppermint, Tea Tree oil, antiseptics, antibiotics and caffeinated beverages, including sodas.

The nature of the illness will dictate the frequency of repetition. In a serious case, such as a high fever in a child, a low potency (6 X) of Belladonna may be given every half an hour for a few doses, and as the severity of the illness subsides, so do the doses. Cease medication if no improvement has occurred after two or three doses, and select another that suits the symptoms more closely. This booklet aims to teach you a bit about remedy selection.


The following remedies are ones that are generally indispensable if you are going to be using homeopathy at home. This is not a comprehensive list: it is merely to start you off with the basics. Some homeopathic pharmacies sell household kits, and if you can afford one, do go ahead and buy one. I have had mine for at least twenty years. The remedies do not “expire” provided they are kept in a suitable place and not exposed to sunlight, heat and electronic equipment.











Carbo Vegetablis




Hepar Sulf



Natrum Muriaticum





Rhus Toxicodendron

Ruta Graveolens


Urtica Urens

Nux Vomica

Veratrum Album




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Aconite: a remedy for acute situations that appear suddenly, usually after exposure to a cold wind. Sore throat, fever, croup. Also for fear, and anxiety. It is taken before Belladonna in the case of fever. It  antidotes Belladonna.

Apis: Swelling after insect bites and stings. Headaches, sties.

Arnica: an absolute “must have” remedy!! It is invaluable for accidents around the house, bumps and bruises, after falling. Reduces shock, pain and bruising. Used after tooth extractions, give a dose before and one after the visit to the dentist. Violent, spasmodic cough.

Arsenicum Alb: wonderful remedy for diarrhea, especially after eating fruit. Burning, red eyes. Sneezing with  thin, watery discharge. Complaints that come on at the seaside.

Belladonna: Great children’s remedy. Fever with redness, throbbing and burning sensations. Eyes glazed and red. Can be used alternately with Gelsemium, in headaches. The skin feels dry and hot, swollen and sensitive. Headache, earache and sore throat.

Bryonia: Constipation with stool that is too dry and large. Bursting, splitting frontal headache, usually involves frontal sinuses. Bleeding nose when menses should appear. Menstrual irregularities with gastric symptoms. Hoarseness, with dry cough at night. Cough is worse going into a warm room. Croup-like cough. These types often have very greasy hair.Rheumatism in the knees.

Cantharis: Bladder irritations, with a constant urging to urinate. Violent, cutting pains in the renal area, before, during and after urinating.

Chamomilla: Teething infants who are impatient and irritable. Earache, ears feel stopped up, flatulent colic, distended abdomen, rattling mucus in child’s chest.

Carbo Veg: For sluggish people who don’t want to move much. Pimples on forehead and face. Daily nosebleeds with a pale face. Flatulent colic. Beginning of whooping cough, with hoarseness worse in the evenings. They feel cold from the knees down. Wheezing and rattling in the chest. The stomach feels heavy, full, with nausea in the morning.

Crotalus:  Low septic states, more right sided than left. Pustular eruptions, insect stings, septicemia, boils and carbuncles, eruptions surrounded by mottled, purple skin.

 Echinacea: Septic conditions generally. Blood poisoning. Piles. Snake bites. Ulcerated sore throat. (Take 6 X potency) Irritation from insect bites.

Gelsemium: influenza (can be used alternately with Belladonna). Dizziness, drowsiness, depression from too much sun and heat. Headache that is dull and heavy. Sneezing, with a sensation of fullness at the root of the nose. Acute coryza. (Runny nose) The face is hot, heavy and flushed and the pain extends from the throat to the ear. Acute bronchitis. Chilled fever up and down the back.

Hepar Sulph: Infected sinuses, neuralgia on the right side of the face; acute infection of the throat and tonsils; infected sores, abscesses and bloody ulcers. These symptoms usually appear after violent anger. The person who needs this remedy is often very hasty when eating and speaking

Hypericum: This is a wonderful remedy for injury to the nerves, especially the fingertips, toes and nails, for crushed fingers, especially the tips. Relieves pain after operations; puncture wounds; injured nerves from bites of animals; pain in the tailbone, from and injury where the pain is radiating up and down the spine. You may know this remedy as “St. John’s’ Wort”. In its homeopathic form it has many uses!

Ledum: Scorpion bites, bee stings, puncture wounds produced by sharp instruments.

Kali Bichromicum: stringy, sticky discharges; croupy cough with stringy mucus. Nasal catarrh, pains in the sinuses and dry throat. Pain in the chest, which feels sore and bruises, hoarse voice.

Natrum Muriaticum (Nat Mur): For people who catch cold easily and have discharges like egg white. Backache with sore bruised feeling in the lower back; cold sores on the lips and around the mouth; dry hacking, irritating cough; sore throat with sensation of lump in the throat

Nux Vomica: common cold with watery eyes, burning nasal catarrh. Nose runs during the day and is blocked at night; constipation that alternates with diarrhea; cough which is dry, distressing, hacking, suffocative, tickling; in violent fits. Nux types like spicy food and they have hot tempers!

Oscillococcinum: Excellent remedies for flu…take it at the onset of the flu when the very first symptoms appear.

Petroleum: Used for motion sickness; antidotes the ill effects of inhaling gas (petroleum) fumes.

Podophyllum: An excellent remedy for infant diarrhea caused by teething. Smelly stools, distended stomach and colic.

Phytolacca: Excellent glandular remedy. Used for mumps. Sore throat with pains, which shoot into the ear.

Pulsatilla: Suitable for gentle, timid people. Girls who have difficulty with their first period. Fever, chilliness but burning heat at night. Digestive upsets from too much rich food. Profuse discharges from the eyes; styes. Absence of thirst with most complaints.

Rhus Tox:  Complaints from getting wet; change of weather to cold or damp Worse on beginning to move; swimming in cold water. Sore throat on the left side. Hot, painful swelling of joints; rheumatic pains; sciatica; pain tearing down the thighs. Remedy for intense itching; hives.

Ruta: Complaints from straining tendons, over-strain of muscles; limbs feel bruised and painful; sprains after Arnica; eyes red, hot, painful; constant urging to urinate. Backache, which feels better with pressure and for lying on the back. Thinking produces headaches and sleepiness. Joint pain with lameness. Tennis elbow

Silica: They are extremely chilly people and always feel better for wrapping up warmly; they develop complaints from getting their feet wet.  They are shy and may lack self-confidence. Abscesses; athlete’s foot with cracks between the toes; with profuse, smelly sweat on the feet; when a cold settles in the throat; Parotid and neck glands swollen; diarrhea in teething children. Earache where the ear feels itchy inside. Broken bones that are slow to heal.

Urtica: Violent itching; burning and stinging; bits and stings; breastfeeding problems, this remedy helps the new mother to establish a good supply of milk in the early days of feeding. Minor burns where the pains are burning and stinging; food poisoning from rotten shellfish; hives that are accompanied by joint pain and feel better for rubbing (caused by stinging nettles or insects)

Veratrum: Collapse after diarrhea; the facial expression is anxious; they like cold drinks and sour foods; diarrhea caused by eating fruit; profuse cold, clammy sweat; deep, hollow cough; vomiting with diarrhea, with dizziness. Good remedy for food poisoning.


Please always consult your medical professional or homeopath before taking any remedy. This guide is for acute situations only.


Research is being done on a continual basis, see

Phantom Burning Smell

I have a weird symptom that occurs periodically: I keep smelling something burning, like trash, or wood…cigarette smoke…it is the strangest thing. It always occurs at night, when I am about to go to sleep, or otherwise if I wake up at night and it was driving me crazy. A quick Google search of the “problem” revealed I was not alone. Long conversation threads indicate that this is far more common that I had thought, and it made me feel as if I am not the only crazy person on the planet.

Many people who were talking about the problem in the forums online indicate that consulting medical professionals has not helped: they are told they may have a brain tumor or a sinus infection. MRI’s seem to reveal nothing, according to what I read. Some people found relief after using a neti pot.    Image result for nose bad smell

Being a bit of a sleuth ( and that is why I love homeopathy), I realized that the “smell” occurred on nights when it was very cold and in summer when the a/c was running. It had nothing to do with the heat pumps or cooling system, but it had a lot to do with the lack of humidity. Putting my head under the covers when I was in bed helped, and so did putting a tiny drop of Olbas oil at the base of my nostrils. I also found that putting a tiny bit of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) inside my nose helped a lot.

However these were palliative measures. I wanted something that would cure the problem, so I consulted my Materia Medica, which I should have done in the first place. But hey, there is no cure for laziness!

There are several homeopathic remedies listed under Nose, ODORS: imaginary and real. Under -smoke, I found bar-c, cor-r, Sulf and Verat.

I tried the Sulfur  in a 30 X potency, took one dose for two days and then forgot about it. It has been three weeks and the problem has not recurred, even though we had a really cold spell this past week.

It is a huge relief! This is an inexpensive way to cure the problem, but as always, the caveat is: consult your doctor, I am not prescribing or practicing medicine. The information here is merely anecdotal.



This information is not meant to cure, treat or prescribe. Please consult your medical doctor or professional homeopath to rule out any of the associated underlying medical problems which may be causing this odor





Schroyens, Dr. Frederick (Ed.). Synthesis. Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum. New Delhi. 1998



Osmium Metallicum

Osmium Met. is an important remedy for glaucoma. I decided to try it after being diagnosed with the problem two years ago when my optometrist informed me that the pressure in my eyes was very high – not high enough yet to be put on medication, but that it was something I “had to watch” so that appropriate steps could be taken to lessen the pressure.

I decided to give Osmium a try, after all, what harm could come of it? Two years later I went back (mea culpa, I avoided the 6 month check up he had requested) and to my surprise, the pressure in both eyes had come down a couple of points. I am not “out of the woods” yet, but will continue to take the remedy every so often.

Image result for image osmium metallicum

Image: Rxhomeo

I decided to take a look at Jan Scholten’s tome, Homeopathy and the Elements. I laughed aloud at the description of the Osmium picture, it fit me so well it was uncanny. He mentions that the myth of Sisyphus is the story of Osmium. It happens to be my favorite way of describing a housewife’s lot: it is like rolling a ball up a hill and before you get to the top, it rolls down again, and you have to start all over again. I actually mutter it to myself sometimes when I am cleaning the house because it is a futile, time consuming exercise as every woman knows!

The other aspect is that of organization. I like to be organized. Time is a big thing with me, I have to save time and be as efficient as possible, much to my detriment. Another is responsibility and failure through dictatorial behavior. Ouch. Yes. Indeed.

Fears include: heights,falling murder, death, heart disease, stroke, crowds, people. They also fear religion and God and the devil.

Osmiums are irritable, and obstinate, shy, make mistakes in words ( I use spoonerisms often or misread words) They are intelligent, can suffer from exhaustion. Other traits include insanity, absent-mindedness, confusion, guilt, rigidity, obsessing over the past. They may feel that they are specially chosen, and a delusion they have is that they are alone.

Professions include leadership roles such as managers or presidents, mayors or bishops…. these tend to be people with high levels of stress and they tend to be male, dark haired and overweight.

The desire things like cold water, sweets, meat and bread and do not like radishes, coffee or meat.

Sleeplessness is a problem and they are  <  fasting,work, sitting, lying, resting, darkness, touch and > open air, wine, eating and 6-9 p.m.

The essence of the remedy, according to Scholten is persevering in exercising leadership. I guess it takes its toll…

Disclaimer: If you suffer from glaucoma please see your eye specialist and get appropriate treatment. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Always consult a medical doctor or professional homeopath if you are having problems. 


Scholten, Jan. 1996. Homeopathy and the Elements. Drukkerij Haasbeek BV. The Netherlands.


Remedy: Hekla Lava

I would like to share some information about this very useful remedy, Hekla (or Hecla) Lava.

hekla_icelandWhile mental/emotional symptoms are not fully explored, one could consider the Doctrine of Signatures by taking into account the state of a volcano:  even when the volcano appears dormant, much goes on inside that is unseen, with sudden, violent eruptions bursting forth and spewing lava. Think of the person who is always calm, keeps his feelings to himself while his emotions are churning inside. Alternatively, as the tension of opposites, we can have the active volcano, the person who habitually spews rage and vitriol.

The remedy is prepared from the fine ash of the volcano in Iceland.

This remedy has been used for treating the following:                                                          

  • bunions
  • bone spurs
  • joint pain
  • osteoporosis
  • facial pain
  • abscesses
  • swollen glands
  • leukemia

Here are some interesting websites that discuss the remedy more fully:





Featured Image:

Bone spur image:







Please consult your medical or homeopathic professional if you have any of the medical problems discussed in the article. This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or cure, it is for informational purposes only and is not sponsored by any company. Images were obtained from Google Images.


Hot Flashes? Douse that fire!


Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler

Menopause can be an uncomfortable time for women as their hormone levels begin to fluctuate, very often causing sudden surges of heat up into the neck and reddening the face. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Many women report a feeling of dread or anxiety prior to the flash occurring which may feel like the heart is fluttering. Another common occurrence is lying down to sleep, falling asleep for a few minutes and then being suddenly wide awake. This is often followed by another “power surge”.


If you have consulted your physician and are still experiencing these symptoms, you may safely try some Cell Salts which are prepared in the same way as homeopathic remedies. They are known as Dr. Schuessler’s Cell  or Tissue salts, and there are 12 of them. They are safe to use, and inexpensive and have no side-effects. They will not interfere with your medications.

The suggested combination is:

#4  Ferrum Phos

#9 Nat.Mur

#10 Nat Phos



  • Ferrum Phos will not only help with the hot flashes, but also night sweats,  insomnia, vertigo, and water retention. It will alleviate stiff muscles and joint pains as well.
  • Nat. Mur will help with headaches, irritability, and excessive tearfulness (mood swings)  vaginal dryness and will boost the libido.
  • Nat. Phos alleviates dizziness, insomnia, tension and anxiety, and night sweats. This tissue salt is also useful to those who tend to lack bladder control when sneezing when used in combination with the other remedies


Dosage: In severe cases, taking two tablets of each tissue salt three to four times a day is sufficient, taper off the dosage to twice a day as symptoms improve. Taken sublingually (under the tongue) the tablets dissolve quickly and cause not harmful side-effects.

Other homeopathic remedies that are useful are Cimicifuga Racemosa and Sepia. Consult your homeopath to determine which one would suit your physical and emotional symptoms best.



hot flashes



Disclaimer: This information is not to diagnose or treat or prescribe. If you are suffering from menopause symptoms please consult your physician or homeopath.

Osmium Metallicum

Osmium is a metal that is non-refractory, one of the heaviest of metals and is part of the Platinum group. The name is derived from the pungent odor emitted by Osmic acid and it is strongly similar to that of Chlorine.

The metal Osmium is resistant to being molded or shaped. It is non-corrosive and is a component found in fountain pens, compass needles (it is very magnetic), jewelry and clock bearings (J. Scholten, Homeopathy and the Elements)

The Osmium type is one who thrives under pressure. It is as if the inner pressure and forceful personality of the Osmium type -who may be somewhat dictatorial – is reflected in the pressure he seeks in his daily life. Scholten aptly describes the Osmium personality as someone who wants to create a “…kingdom out of nothing…” (Ibid.)

Just like the metal, they are hard to mold; they will have their own way. They keenly feel the pressure of responsibility. There is a constant struggle to achieve in spite of great opposition – the need to reach great heights, but never quite achieving the desired outcome.


The dreams are interesting:

  • responsibility
  • heights
  • fire
  • falling
  • failure

Causes that create the disturbance are

  • hurt
  • humiliation
  • disaster

They fear things like heart disease, being murdered, insanity, crowds, people, death, suicide among others. It seems there is a need for control and the dreams mirror the fears that they have none.

Physical complaints

  • heart problems: high blood pressure
  • cerebral hemorrhage,
  • cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Glaucoma

I want to focus primarily on the Eye Problems. They include:  eye

  1. burning pain in the eyes
  2. weakness of sight
  3. smarting and worse for open air
  4. Objects have a halo round them
  5. Veins of the fundus of the eye are enlarged
  6. The flame of a candle is surrounded by a bluish-green or a yellow circle

The remedy Osmium Met. can be of use if prescribed in conjunction with allopathic drops according to some homeopaths. A healthy diet, drinking plenty of water ( all day long, not drinking too much at any one times since this increases pressure in the eye) and exercise which helps to lower blood pressure is beneficial.




Please note that this post is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe Glaucoma or any other disease. Your Ophthalmologist will diagnose and treat your condition.  Glaucoma is a very serious condition that can lead to blindness if left untreated.


Clarke, John Henry. A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica.

Scholten, Jan. Homeopathy and the Elements